A year to remember (2011)

L ast January, I asked the Lord to stretchme, and He was listening…

In the Spring, He brought me through the valley of stretching and stirring and as I held onto His hand, I began to understand the purpose of the storm we weathered together.

In late July, God ignited something in my heart to begin writing my testimony out into a book form. As I began to write, my heart grew stronger and stronger towards reaching out to women.

The word “Conference” began to surface as I would share my heart with the women that God would bring my way.

God had already went before me and prepared the hearts of the ones that needed to catch the vision and partner with me to launch something powerful.

We found a venue, came up with a name and began to dream together.

I am incredibly pumped to see what 2012 will bring.

2012 Resolutions
Print and Publish Autobiography
Launch The Legacy Conference
Keep God out of a box
Begin speaking as the Lord allows
Grow in the areas of fruit that His word talks about
Listen to others share their hearts

2 thoughts on “A year to remember (2011)

  1. Love your resolutions! I too have a book to publish.May yours have a 2012 publication date!And my my journey begin in 2012, with my discovering the right publisher.

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