I follow a woman named Ann Voskamp who blogs often. I would encourage you to stop by her page today if you have some time.

Although I have never met Ann before, my heart always walks away from her page inspired and greatly encouraged. She has been given an amazing gift to communicate what transpires in her heart.

She is in Ecuador this week and has been blogging about her experience. Her post from yesterday is still haunting me today.

My spirit is willing Lord. You know my heart. Where do I start?

I have been telling others lately of the desires that I have in my
heart… The desire to finish my book and now to write more. The desire to launch a woman’s ministry that will take me around the country to encourage hurting women on their journey’s. I have also told some of my desire to travel with my family to Jerusalem and to the ends of the earth…

(with these hands and feet of mine).

The life that He has given me is not mine but His. I am overwhelmed when I think of His goodness to me. How could I ever repay Him? There is no sacrifice that could measure His.

May you be just as challenged today as I was when I read the story of Lidia from Ecuador.

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