A few years ago, I was going through one of the happiest times of my life and yet the most painful too.

My brother was the pastor of the church that I was attending and he had been asked to step down. Even with the time that has past by, the way that it was all handled still saddens my heart today.

He and his family endured betrayal and hurt on a level that most Christians would never recover from.
As his sister, I felt hopeless. I had just gotten married and I know that my husband had to pull strength from the Lord on how to help his new bride.

As time moved ahead, the healing did begin to unveil.

Although my brother, my sister in law (one of my best friends) and my darling nieces did have to move many hours away.

Where was God with all of this? Was He not listening to my crying words? Did He not have control?

No, my friends, He was in complete control. I know.

We are on the other side. Redemption has come. Healing has rooted, God has restored.

Next week will be significant for me for a few reasons….

First – We’ll host our first Legacy Team meeting.

Secondly – My brother will be in town to preach at the Revival services held at my fathers church.

Thank you Father God for your sovereignty. Thank you for holding my brother and his family so closely to you and not letting go. Thank you for the work that you are doing in my heart and Thank you for the road ahead.

(my father and 2 brothers)

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