Dream house

My desire is to leave a Legacy that stands the test of time. I long for my life to be lived in such a way that it changes my children and my grandchildren’s future.

As I chase after knowing God’s desires for me, I need to be sure that I am aware of what He is revealing to me during the quest.

I know that my children are watching their mother pursue her dreams and our God. If I don’t have the perfect balance, it could be so easy for them to become confused about the very thing that I long to give them as an inheritance.

Is there such a thing as someone fully chasing after God’s heart and also having the perfect balance in living their own life here on earth?

The other day, I took a walk with 3 of our sons. As I pushed Keegan in the stroller, David walked by my side and Andrew pedaled along with his bike. We needed some quality time together, and the beauty outside was calling our names. Our conversation was so special.

We each took the time to describe our “dream houses” to each other. We were sure to give important details to the pictures we had captured in our minds.

As our walk was nearing its end, they turned to me and said…”How about you mom, what does yours look like”… I just paused and then described what it would be as if it were built in years to come. We talked about their children coming to this home and then they would contribute their thoughts to my dream. I was picturing it with them.

I can’t even describe in words how it warmed my heart.

I hope to teach each of our children to dream. I hope they learn it from watching me chase after mine.
But what I hope for more than anything in the world is that they get it…
That they truly get who their mom is. That they understand why I do the things that I do and who holds
my heart above anything else.

One thought on “Dream house

  1. Jen, this is a wonderful post, and I think so true. As women we struggle with balance, and it's so easy to get unfocused from the ultimate vision – our legacies. Thank you for sharing!! Loving this!Brenda

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