How do you know when God is telling you to move?

Over the last few months, God has called me outside of my comfort zone and into a whole new level of trusting in Him.

As I began to pray and seek Him on what it was exactly that He was asking me of, things would get a bit foggy.

The word “conference” began taking root in my mind and I began to use that word when I would talk to others about what I felt He was calling me to.

The funny thing about this is that I have never hosted a conference before so as I started feeling like God was calling me to host one, I held some reservations.

About a month ago, I met with a local Hotel conference coordinator to discuss their fees and capabilities… (Step One).

As I began to speak to more and more women, the excitement began to spread and the name formed itself… (Step Two).

We still needed a tag-line, a mission.
I woke up to an email with the one we landed on…. (Step Three)

I emailed everyone that I thought would be interested in attending a meeting to discuss what a HUGE event could look like because I certainly could not do this alone… (Step Four)

Last week, I felt a tad of discouragement because to move forward, we would need funds. I spent each morning talking with the Lord on this calling. We also visited a few more venue opportunities. All of which would need a deposit.

I was on HOLD. I wanted to land our website domain. I wanted to print and order marketing information. I wanted to put together sponsoring packets, I wanted to open a bank account, I wanted to call The Holiday Inn to confirm our dates and to bring them a signed contract and security deposit…

The Lord wanted me to wait.

Saturday morning, I drove to the first Bible study that I have ever led. I was praying for Him to show up.

Within minutes of me walking in the door, someone told me that there was an anonymous cash donation for the conference.

She handed me $1000


I fell to my knees in worship!

Tomorrow we will be opening our bank account, we will be ordering our marketing information, we will secure our website domain and we will purchase our bulk business cards.
Wednesday, we will go sign our contract and put down our deposit. (Step Five – Nine)

Two women in the study also donated a laptop and digital camera. (Step Ten & Eleven)

I stand in AWE of you Lord Jesus. May the world see your Glory. May I continue to walk through the mountains that YOU have already moved for me.

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