I need you

have a dream to host a conference in our area for women. A few other women in my life are dreaming with me about this too. A few months ago when God began to stir my heart to reach out and tell others my story, I began to follow a woman named Sarah Mae…(http://www.likeawarmcupofcoffee.com/home/.)
She and just two other women began to dream together years ago too.
In a few weeks, in Harrisburg, PA., there will be a conference called Relevant
( http://therelevantconference.com/) that will take place for women to attend from all over our country.
The more that I looked into the conference and the objective in which it serves, the more excited I became. During their event, they will have 11 different speakers. The speakers are all women who blog and have been connected through that community. This group of women had to start somewhere too. (It started with a…. dream)

I am in pursuit of building a blogging community that will begin to dream together. I really believe that as we all begin to share our hearts and allow God to use our words to encourage one another, that God will pour out his favor on us and that something very powerful will come.

WE have to start somewhere, I won’t be able to do this on my own. I am praying for God to lead me the ones that will help build a team of our own. Imagine a weekend in our area of woman sharing their stories. My story can and will reach some, but I need your stories to reach the ones that I cannot. We also need organized planners and ones for behind the scenes too.

DREAMING for a conference for the fall of 2012…

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