Today, please join me in praying for our children.

The focus of our prayers today will be on obedience. You don’t have to get on your knees to do it but I would like to encourage you to do so.


These prayers are taken right out of Beth McGlothlins book “Warrior Prayers


Whether it is favorable or unfavorable, may ___________ obey the LORD our God so that it will go well
with him (Jeremiah 42:6).
May __________ obey his parents in the Lord, for this is right (Ephesians 6:1).
May __________ obey his leaders and submit to them, for they are keeping watch over his soul, as those
who will have to give an account. Let __________ do this with joy and not with groaning (Hebrews
May __________ obey God rather than men (Acts 5:29).
May __________ return to the LORD His God, and obey with all his heart and all his soul all the commands
God has given (Deuteronomy 30:2).
May __________ walk after the LORD His God and fear Him and keep His commandments and obey His
voice. May he serve Him and hold fast to Him (Deuteronomy 13:4).
May __________ stop his sinning and begin to obey the LORD his God (Jeremiah 26:13).
May __________ obey Jesus’ commandments, and remain in His love (John 15:10).
May __________ show his love for Christ by obeying His commands (John 14:15).
May we be full of joy at __________’s obedience (Romans 16:19).

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