I am a writer

Proverbs 16:9 “A man/woman’s heart plans her way, but the Lord directs her steps”.

I am embracing the fact that I AM a writer. The only thing that would get in the way of this idea would be myself.

When I started writing my story a few months ago, something snapped in me and now I have been going full force into a direction that only He will be able to lead me in.

I am still trying to remember what it was that actually caused me to sit down and start writing. I remember after writing the first chapter that I felt drained.

Once I started writing, I just could not stop. I literally have had many nights since then, where I get up out of bed to go write more. At first, it was a heavy read. It was something very hard to write about because it brought me back to some painful and difficult days that I wanted to forget about. After a few days of writing, I had to go pull out my old journals to get a better recollection of what I was trying to remember. In those journals, I was writing to God.

It was truly amazing to see what I was asking Him to do, and to now see that He was listening the whole time. He even knew that I would one day be writing about it for others to read. (wow)

I recognize that I have been on this journey to trust Him, cling to Him and I’ve learned that He is so safe.

I’ve always wanted to find my creative side, now that I have discovered it, I can’t stop….


2 thoughts on “I am a writer

  1. Praise to you, Jen, for having the courage to "admit" what God has created in you! It's hard for me to call myself a writer even though I love to write. I described it as like saying to someone, "I want to be a movie star." It's seem so lofty and unattainable to call yourself a writer when in reality you write therefor you are! I am visiting from Triple Braided! Thank you for reading my blog today. No, I have not gone yet. It's in November. This was the first post of the "Beginning of the story". It's been eighteen years in the making which is really neat to see. Can't wait to read more of your blog!Brenda

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