Make your list

Proverbs 19:21

Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails.

What is Your purpose for me Lord?

Years ago when the twins started school, I began to look for a full-time job. I had a bit of college under my belt and had just signed up for some more classes at Baker College. In the meantime, I was praying for God to bring me to a job that would be best for our family. I made my first “list” of what I thought I was looking for it to be… Then I put it in my Bible and Trusted…

Here is what the list said:

1. Within 10 minutes from home

2. $10.00+ an hour

3. 30+ hours a week

4 With other Christians

5. Business setting

6. Established company

7. During the day, not after 5:00 PM

8. Some type of benefits, (401k), profit sharing

9. It would be an obvious opportunity

10. By November 1, 2006

I was interviewing, with confidence, by October that year for Hines Corporation.

November 6, 2006 was my first day on the job. I brought that list to work with me and put it in a frame and looked at it everyday.

I just pulled it from my Bible this morning as I’ve kept all these years. I’ve made others since then. I’m not saying that He always does exactly what we put down on paper or dream up in our heads, but I can’t dismiss His answer to that plea.

This morning I woke up to this thought…

What if we really began to understand “Where” God is EVEN in our deepest pain or burden. Could that change us and lead us to our purpose?

Here is the list for my future God, I’m putting it out here for all to see:

1. I want to know you deeper and deeper until I see you face to face

2. I want to speak to woman all over the world that are hurting

3. I want my husband to be honored and respected and loved by me with Your love

4. I want to raise my children to know You

5. I don’t want to set a limit on anything else

You get the pencil/fingers from here. You know my heart.

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