Only 4 days left of the challenge I started on June 8th along with many other woman to pray scripture over our sons. I have enjoyed thoroughly this challenge and have been able to keep up with the daily assignment of bringing my boys into His throne room.
I thought I would put the paragraph that caught my attention today while I was reading: (Warrior Prayers, Praying the Word for boys) by Brooke McGlothlin

Here it is…

And the moment of grace– it sneaks in after a morning of chaos and hard-heartedness. The moment the light-bulb of the heart-kind comes on and I think he gets it just a little bit more than he did yesterday, this obedient, God-loving life. I pray he does. I PRAY he does, and in the prayer it strikes me that the fear comes from the not knowing and the not doing and the overwhelming desire to get it right when I so often get it wrong. And wondering if my efforts– my prayers– will ever make a difference. The moment of grace gives me hope that they do and that the God of the universe who made us, sees us. And Smiles.
Because HE gives the grace.

I think the one thing that I have to continue to remind myself is that God is listening. I can bring my 4 boys into His throne room and request different things for their lives, and as God hears me, I have to let Him do His will in His time. When I am able to understand this (even if it only lasts for a minute) its then and only then, that I am able to have rest as a mother. These boys are not mine. I was the lucky woman that God selected to become their mother but they belong to Him first, which means He loves them so much- Even more than I do.

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