Bitter Sweet.

Tonight our oldest son Blare graduates from 8th grade. For some people that may not be a big deal but for our household it will be a major change. I remember the years before he began school the prayers I was praying as to where to send him to school. Of course the thought of him being influenced by others freaked me out and I remember the feelings of anxiety.
Thankfully, the summer of 2001 he was accepted after being on the waiting list at West Michigan Academy of Arts and Academics. I was excited but hesitant still. By the first week, God showed me through staff and other families there that this was where he was supposed to be.
Ten years later and he’s now graduating from this school which has been like a second family to us. Through prayer and again God opening doors, Blare will begin high school at West Michigan Christian this fall. I know one day I’ll be writing another blog about a new family we’ve found.

Today is the second day of prayers from the book I’m reading. “Warrior Prayers, praying the word for boys” by Brooke McGlothlin.
Here are the verses for today for you mom’s of son’s to be praying.

Jer. 42:6
Eph. 6:1
Heb. 13:17
Acts 5:29
Deut. 30:2
Deut 13:4
Jer. 26:13
John 15:10
John 14:15
Romans 16:19

4 thoughts on “Bitter Sweet.

  1. He is growing up to be a true man of integrity. Blare loves his family, and he is very much loved in return. You've been an amazing mom, Jen. I'm proud of you!

  2. thinking about you tonight as you both celebrate and grieve your eldest's milestone. oh the hearts we must have as mothers! blessings of joy and peace to you!

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