Sophia Baer

For such a time as this…

I was introduced to a woman this week that has left an eternal impact on my soul and has inspired me on a level I don’t even think my humanly mind understands yet.

Her name is Sophia, she’s this sweet little 4 foot 10 inch lady with the most amazing heart for God that I’ve known.

She was in town visiting this week to prepare her heart for the ministry she felt called to start a few years ago in Southern Michigan. Its a ministry for Migrant worker’s children that need care while their parents are working in the fields. God has blessed her with a house on 13 acres and a burden and heart for teaching them during the day about God’s love. She doesn’t get paid for this and now over the years, as she gets more and more children, she continues to add to the things offered…. Who does stuff like this??? She is so passionate about showing these children love that she has sacrificed so much.

I was privileged enough to have a few lengthy conversations with her and a few hours of prayer that I will forever hold dear to my heart. She showed me how to pray scripture over areas on my heart and how to pursue God’s heart without holding back.

She left this morning and she left a piece of herself with me. I want to pass on what she brought to me.

My hopes and plans are to be a part of this ministry and to inspire others to join me in praying and supporting it from a distance and also hands on.

My dad had the opportunity of interviewing her on his TV program this week. It errors on the local channel 7 this Wednesday night at 8:30 and then Sunday at 12:30.

By the end of the program, my dad is moved to tears and even asked me to have my boys come and hear the interview. He of course has a trip planned this summer with my boys to go help. 🙂 I have the best dad ever too!


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