Deuteronomy 11

Recently I was reading a passage in Deuteronomy that keeps speaking to my heart. I read it again today and plan to someday get “Deuteronomy 11” tattooed on my wrist.
It speaks about the children of Israel and how quickly they turned their eyes from God right after He brought them through something so miraculous.
I think of the trials in my own life and how I can let them seem bigger than what they are and it can cause me to doubt what God is doing or where He is. I can begin to forget about what He’s already done in my life and how every time I put my Trust in Him, He’s never let me down.
In verses 18-20, it says to keep His word in your heart and soul and to bind them as a sign on your hand, teach them to your children and write them on your door posts.
It just shows the importance of remembering what God has done and will continue to do. It shows the importance of plastering it anywhere you can think of so when your faced with doubt, and you will be, you can have Peace in the storm. Rest at night and Hope for the future.

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