One day

My good friend Jen came over last week for coffee. We had another one of our conversations about life and what God has been doing in ours. Her and I have been friends now since I was pregnant for my oldest son. She already had 2 girls at that time and found out she was pregnant a short time after me.
It was the summer of 1996.
Instantly her and I connected. I admired her ability to cook and keep a home. I really wanted to learn from her…. And I have!
Nearly 15 years later, I love that I am still learning from her.
We both got kind of teary eyed the other day when we started talking about heaven. She’s reading a book about it right now, so it inspired the conversation. Her and I have this running joke that we’ll be saving seats for each other at the marriage supper of the Lamb. We may not really humanly understand what that is, but we both know its going to be good.
The reason we got choked up was because we began talking about how we’ll know each other the instant we see each other. Neither one of us have a clue what we’ll actually look like but its not about that…. Our Spirits will be the same. We have already met the real (eternal) person inside. We started getting excited while we talked about how cool its also going to be when we finally meet and see the ones we’ve read about too.

I just can’t believe how many amazing people God has brought into my life to encourage me, to teach me, to challenge me and to inspire me. I love that these friendships are eternal.

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