Just wanted to be sure to write about how Awesome God is. I wrote last August about my confidence in God supplying our needs and also protecting us while I made the decision to quit my job.
I’ve now been working for the City of North Muskegon for almost 4 months. It was EXACTLY what our family would need. Perfect in every way. 9 -2 . It really couldn’t have been a better fit than what it is. Almost everyday, I think about how amazing this situation worked out and all it needed was for me to step out on fatih first.
I always tell people to make lists. God has over and over showed Himself faithful when He prompts me to TRUST Him in situations and to put it on paper. I put them in my Bible and continue to pray over them and time after time, He provides.
Our God is so faithful.

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  1. God is just so amazing. Everything he's made and everything he does is just so awestruck. You should check out on youtube, aidanpaulsmusic . All his songs are worship and it's so cool that teenagers are showing their love for God to the world. Especially easter where the hockey game canucks vs. blackhawks was on.. so many were for getting the meaning and celebration of easter. While paying extra close attention to the television. I think it's awesome to see people these days showing god's love, no matter how they're doing so. following you now!xoxo

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