What redemption looks like

If you had spent any time with me a few years back in the heart of an ugly divorce, you may have walked away scratching your head looking for answers and the right words to give me. I fully understood why it says in Malachi 2:16 that God hates divorce. It was difficult some days to move and even more difficult to be emotionally strong for my three boys who were old enough to understand pain and confusion as much as children can. I grieved for my children on a level they’ll never understand. As life brought new things for all of us, healing began its process.

I sat next to my former husbands soon to be wife last night and talked with her like I do any other good friend that I have. I loved hearing how her life is blossoming and seeing her smile. She made the comment, “Its so nice to see how good things are going for all of us”… We were all there sitting at a restaurant with the 3 boys in the middle and even our addition Keegan and it felt….. good.

Although God does hate divorce, He also loves redemption. He loves the other side. I guess that old saying, TIME HEALS can be true. I only say it because its been true for me. I give God the Glory for that. Only He could have turned something once so ugly into something…. good.

2 thoughts on “What redemption looks like

  1. Jen, May God be with you and your children, healing your hearts and filling you with a joy only He can give. To God be the glory! Thanks for your honest, vulnerable post.

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