Back to work I go

I feel so Blessed to have been able to take a break from the working environment to stay home and spend some extra special quality time with my family for the last 6 months.

Because I start working again next week, I decided today was a good day to sit home and bake for the boys class party tomorrow, wrap presents and hold Keegan as much as I could.

I think of my dad and his favorite verse. Proverbs 4:18
The path of the just is like a shining light that shines more and more UNTIL that PERFECT day. I remember him explaining his perfect day to me as being a sunny Sunday with all his family around and then a nice ride in a kayak. I know mine is something like this: Waking up with a cup of coffee and visiting with Jesus, spending time with each of my children and reminding them of my love for them around a dinner table. Talking with friends and family and being held by my beloved husband. I love that God gives us just a glimpse of Heaven in the good days here on earth. I can’t begin to imagine a life with NO death to anything, NO sorrows of any sort, NO more goodbyes, NO more dark nights, NO physical pain, NO bills, NO worries…. Streets of Gold (seriously). A mansion designed by the One who created me and knows what I like best. For eternity.

I am so Blessed now and forever. I am loved.

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