One of the reasons I write on this page is to have a journal for me to reflect on from throughout the years. I hope that one day you,my children, will look back on this site and watch the different ways that God was present and to see how much of my life revolved around you. All 4 of you boys are fast asleep and the house is now quiet, I felt inspired to write.

The last couple of nights, I have tried to spend just a few extra minutes with you before bedtime. I feel like every time I look in your eyes, my heart is reminding me to pause. I love listening to you laugh. David and Andrew, you have been doing a 20 second countdown while I hug you. Blare, I only got 10 from you but it still felt special to me.
We’ve been taking turns picking out dinner menu’s this school year. I LOVE IT! You’re all helping with the cooking part of it too.
I just keep thinking of how amazing each of you will be as husbands and fathers someday. Keegan makes us all smile. All we have to do is look his way and he grins from ear to ear. Its so precious.
Jake takes his turn moving from bed to bed throughout the night.
Holiday’s are fast approaching. I’m looking forward to them.

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