I pulled out a new journal tonight. It seems over the past few years, I’ve been to busy to write. I have written some but not on a consistent basis. I’m hoping to make a new run with it. As I tried to write, my little Keegan had an upset tummy so I wrote then rocked, wrote then rocked.
I had a meeting today with my boss about my return to work after maternity leave. I actually brought Keegan with me to it and held him while I informed her that my time with the company would have to come to an end. This is a company that has been like family to me for the past few years. I remember praying desperately to get this job back in the fall of 2006. God answered my prayers and amazing friendships were formed. What a wonderful experience.

In my journal I wrote: “I have a huge fear with the unknown and feel like I’m walking blindly into a new territory of trust between you and I. God, please bring us clarity and direction. We will need you to move mountains for us and need for you to knock down financial barriers. I am so confident that you are able and willing. In fact, part of me writing this tonight is so that I can reflect one day on how you provided and carried us through.
Thank you Lord, in advance for your shelter and provision for our family.”

Looking forward to the future and embracing every part of it with Open Arms.

The verse He led me to:
Psalms 34:4
I sought the Lord and He heard me and delivered me from all of my fears.

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