Rachel’s Tears

A friend of mine offered a book for me to read during my lunch break last Friday… I can’t stop thinking about it. I’m pretty random and sometimes easily inspired,so when I told my sister in-law Jamie last Saturday that I started reading a book and after just the first chapter “It had changed my life”, her response was not shocking.. “That sounds like you Jen”..

I’m finished with the book now, and I hope I keep what I’ve taken from it… Life is so short…

I want to leave finger prints of HIS love everywhere. I long to see Jesus in a different light each day… I pray my children understand honesty and the reality of good and evil. I hope all my friends are not from the local church… I hope Meijers, Wesco, Glenside sidewalks, and my home are bombarded with a women who LOVES uniquely….

Humble me Lord. Help me to live more selflessly. Open my eyes to things unseen.

2 thoughts on “Rachel’s Tears

  1. Jen, You forgot to include Walmart! You have radiated HIS love from the first time I met you! And HE always seems to put you in a place when someone needs one of your hugs!

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