Having a 12 year old

This past Saturday, the twins had a birthday party they were supposed to be going to. I told my older boy that him and I could do a “date” at Starbucks. He said, that’s good mom, cause I have something to talk with you about. Well this really got my ears perked, so I said “about what”.. He says, well….. I think at the next dance, I’m going to ask the question… I was pretty sure I knew what this question was but I needed to make sure.

Me: What question is that?
Blare: I’m going to ask her to be my girlfriend
Me: sigh…. Are you ready for this?
Blare: (very seriously I might add) I think I am mom
Me: Well what does this mean? Like, does this mean you hold hands…
Blare: (again very serious) NO mom! I’m not like that
Me: phew!!!!

I think it’ll be a good idea to chaperone this next dance.

I mean this is huge as I have really high standards for the girls my boys date… Like, they have to like to bake cookies with me and wear matching outfits… I’ve already talked with this girl, and she’s in so for now, we’re good.

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