Home Sweet Home

Winter’s Here….
I forgot how much I appreciate all the other seasons.

I am usually one of those people who waits until the very last week to cram in all my christmas shopping…Not this year, oh no… I have saved my money from every paycheck this year and scheduled a shopping trip to go out of town with a wonderful friend. We went a couple weekends ago. I even have everything wrapped!

Last weekend, instead of going to the Christmas Tree farm to pick out a tree to cut down, we stopped by the local Home Depot and grabbed one…. Once we got home and put it in the stand, we quickly realized the tree was a tad too tall. Because it was already up and also just because its something I would do, I decided to just trim the top of the tree. Hmm. So the tree doesn’t really thin out like most would, but hey, it’s unique. πŸ™‚ Of course, during all of this, my oldest son had went downstairs to discover that there was water coming in from outside and now soaking the nearly new carpet…Trying to stay positive, we worked on continuing the christmas spirit… As we began to put the last year’s lights on the tree, we discovered half of them to be out… URGGGG….
Another trip out in the wonderful snowfall and we were golden…

Monday morning as the boys were eating their breakfast, they all watched the tree tilt to rest on the nearby wall. Once Eric got home, we worked on getting our tree straight… Yay~ It worked… Although I’ve sure never had a tree shed so much. That night lying in bed, we hear a CRASH!!!!!!!! YIKES…. Oh yea, its the tree alright on the carpet leaking water everywhere and had ripped my nicely wrapped presents open.. Also soaking the cardboard boxes they sit in… Pine needles everywhere, clogging up the vacuum… πŸ™‚ It only took us until about an hour to clean up the mess. I really didn’t need 8 hours of sleep anyway… (Staying Positive)

The boys sensing my despair decided to have me come home from work on Tuesday for a surprise… The twins were out shoveling the driveway. My eldest son greeted me at the door… Taking me through our home room by room… Neatly hung-up coats and back packs in the breezeway. A candle lit on the table where each homework folder lay open for my signature. Coffee brewing in the kitchen where each lunchbox was open after being packed for my approval.. The living room had my slippers waiting for me and wood was brought in from outside now laying inside the fireplace.:)

Oh how I love my children so….

Tis the season!

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