Faith being tested

Sometimes there just isn’t answers to the questions I hold in my heart. Sometimes life doesn’t make sense and the enemy seems to have victory. But today while pondering that, I was reminded that the enemy has been defeated. God is in the good and the bad. He is in all things. Learning to Trust him even when life doesn’t seem to make sense has been the story of my life and probably everyone else. Thankfully, I’ve been so Blessed to have had role models for me on how to respond when God seems distant. On how to show Love when bitterness seems like the answer. On how to forgive when you’ve feel you’ve been wronged. On how to stay silent when screaming seems like the obvious…. Recently, the enemy has wanted me to grow bitterness yet again…. I’m not. I feel free… And it feels great. I await Redemption and what that will look like for all to see. I believe in the power of the CROSS!

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