Go Boys!

So this past spring the twins played another season of soccer. Their team was undefeated. It was so fun to watch them play together with their team. They had an awesome coach who was a parent to another set of triplets, 2 boys and a girl. His boys were on their team too. Their coach is coaching again for the sailor select travel team and called tonight to say he had 2 spots left and NEEDED my boys to be on his team for this fall….

Blare also finished his first baseball season and did AWESOME too!

So proud of my boys!

Oh and I’m getting married in 48 days…

4 thoughts on “Go Boys!

  1. i just don't understand it!..i have always been one that would never read the last page of a book and here i am doing it on your blog…now, i guess i can't wait until the 48 days from this post that the blessed day will be here!…and so until that time, jennifer, i will go on..reading backwards..ha!…from terrythose twin boys of yours are such cuties!

  2. I can’t believe how big those boys are! Of course Kiya is getting there too. It is so fun to watch the kids playing their sports! πŸ™‚

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