Summer Break

Well today was the first day of summer break. The boys were excited to sleep in and be in their p.j.’s all day. I talked with my parents neighbor who would be keeping the boys occupied throughout the day. My dad also was planning to be in and out.

Perfect right. (?)

Well, around 11:00 , I receive my 4th phone call of the day at work….

David- mom, I’m bleeding…
Me- what. Why are you bleeding?
David- because of Andrew, he hurt my lip
Me- put Andrew on the phone

Me- Andrew what did you do?
Andrew- I’m bleeding too.
Me- why are you bleeding?
Andrew- because of Blare, he hurt my foot
Me- Put Blare on the phone

Blare- I’m bleeding too mom, I hurt my hand (but not from punching anyone)
Me- WHAT?? why are you bleeding
Blare- I don’t know, I mean we were all like best friends, and then the next
thing I know, we are all bleeding.

Me- hmmm.

What’s a mom to do at this point?

Me- well why don’t you all give each other a hug and apologize to each other

okay now sit down and write aunt Sara and Malachi a letter and call me
when you are done with that.

This might be a long summer.

5 thoughts on “Summer Break

  1. oh!! haha!!…you are so blessed to have a family with four boys!i just reckon the fun never stops and what a rich fodder you have for writing true tales and FUNNY tales at that!…from terry

  2. This has to be my favorite post of all the blogs I read. I can totally relate. I feel like I should hand out rewards, maybe even gold silver or bronze medals at the end of the day if there hasnt been a major “issue” School is only a few weeks away!

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