My deer

Since I’ve been staying at my parents house, I started trying to build this friendship with the wild life around the woods of their home.

There are about 10-15 different deer out here that we see daily. At first, I would drive by slowly …. And then I decided it would be a good idea if I stop and roll down the window and talk to them. Say things like “its me your momma”. I got to a point in “our friendship” that it was safe to get out of the car and walk towards them.

This week, I bought some carrots. I carry them in my car and throw to them as I walk towards them. I think its working….

Tonight, I am so excited because as it gets dusk, I am taking the boys with me to the woods to see if the deer will let us yet a little closer.

Its an exciting life that I live, I tell ya.

Its a good thing Eric’s working late, he’s not as big on this whole “convincing the deer that I’m their momma” thing…

hmm. weird

2 thoughts on “My deer

  1. Awww… Terry, I just read this comment. 🙂 I'm so glad you have read my posts. That made my night. Now I need to make my way on over to yours. Blessings!

  2. oh the beauty of it all!…your getting the confidence of those deer and just to think that you recognise them..i mean you KNOW that there are 10-15 of them.i think other than lambs, that deer are my favourite animals and i am so distressed every year when hunting season comes…who could ever look into the eyes of those gentlest of god's creatures and aim the gun to shoot!i have discovered your blog through the nice comment that you had for jerry d on his blog and so i started to read from your very first post and got this far and i just couldn't not comment on this post!i will just move along now and read the rest of your great blog jennifer….from terry

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